Alphabet Wall Stickers by The Jam Tart

The Jam Tart

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26 vinyl letter stickers to create colourful and engaging spaces, let your imagination go wild!

Little ones will enjoy identifying the animal within each letter. Apply as a freeze around the room or make a feature wall. Also suitable for ceilings and windows. Each letter of the alphabet is supplied separately as an easy to apply, tough vinyl sticker. educational and fun!

Packaged beautifully in a keepsake box.

How to apply; Make sure the surface you are applying to is clean and dry. Carefully peel the letter from the backing sheet. Gently place the sticker on the surface. Once you're happy with its position, firmly press the sticker and rub with a soft cloth.

Average Sticker Size: Approx 15cm square

Wall coverage when applied in a line: Approx 20cm tall by 4m in length minimum.

Wall coverage when applied as a block: 1m square minimum.