Cillicone Ice Cream Holder by KG Design

Cillicone Ice Cream Holder by KG Design (Pack of 2) - Light Pink

KG Design

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No mess, no fuss - just enjoy!

Ciilicone is an absolute must for kids who like ice-cream and adults who don't like mess.

The drip stop prevents the ice cream from spilling down the hand and on clothes, so that you can enjoy your ice cream moment without making a mess, where ever you are. The cone material is soft which makes it easy to push up that last bit of ice cream. It can be filled with soft ice cream, scoops of ice cream or a waffle and just serve it again and again.

The cone is top quality and made out of food grade, non-toxic silicone.

Dishwasher safe.

Can withstand temperatures between + 230 to -40 degrees celsius (446 to - 40 fahrenheit).