HABA Large Basic Wooden Marble Run Set

HABA Large Basic Wooden Marble Run Set


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Who would think problem solving could be so much fun?!

An exciting wooden marble run building set by Haba, that is both educational and fun. Hardwood blocks with grooves and holes are combined in a variety of ways with the end result of 6 marbles ringing the bell to signal success.

Helps educate the laws of structural engineering and stimulates spatial thinking and imaginative play.

This ball track includes 42 pieces - 1 zigzag track, 1 bridge with bell, 4 redirection blocks, 2 tunnel blocks, 4 ramps, 14 rectangular blocks, 8 square blocks, 2 bridging blocks, 6 Columns, 6 marbles.

All HABA block sets are compatible and can be combined.

Made of solid, natural, untreated beech wood. Made in Germany.

Age:4- 10 Years